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AC DC Power Supply
> Switching Power Adapter
> Desktop Type / Triple
Switching Power Adapter > Desktop / Laptop Type > Triple Output > 50W
Power Supply PSU50X
Features : Desktop / Laptop types switching mode power supply
Universal input voltage
Dual or Triple outputs
Optional output connectors
Over voltage protection
Over current protection
Compact package
Model No. : PSU50X
AC input voltage range

100~240VAC / 50~60Hz

AC inrush current (max.) 20AMPS@115VAC, or 30AMPS@230VAC at 25C cold star
Over Current Protection Yes, Auto-recovery. Rated output current >110%
Over voltage protection Provided on output set ratin
Short Protection Yes. Hiccup mode : Auto-recovery
Withstand voltage 4,242VDC from input to output
Working temperature 0C ~ +40C
Storage Temperature -40C ~ +85C
Operating Relative Humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing
Safety standards (A) UL60950-1; CSA-C22.2
(B) EN60950-1; IEC60950-1
EMC standards CE : Emission : EN55022; EN61000-3-2, 3 / Immunity : IEC61000-4-2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 11
FCC 47 CFR Part 15 Subpary B. ICES-003 Issue 4 ANSI C63.4-2003
Connection Option
M.T.B.F. 100,000 hours Min. at full load at 25C ambient
X: A= IEC320-C14(FIG1) or B= IEC320-C8(FIG2)
Model No. Output #1
Vnor Imax
Output #2
Vnor Imax
Output #3
Vnor Imax
Max. (W) Model No. Output #1
Vnor Imax
Output #2
Vnor Imax
Output #3
Vnor Imax
Max. (W)
PSU50A-12 +5VDC 4.50A +9VDC 1.70A N/A
37.8 PSU50C-12 +5VDC 4.50A +9VDC 1.70A N/A
PSU50A-13 +5VDC 4.00A +12VDC 2.00A N/A 44 PSU50C-13 +5VDC 4.00A +12VDC 2.00A N/A 44
PSU50A-14 +5VDC 4.00A +15VDC 1.80A N/A 47 PSU50C-14 +5VDC 4.00A +15VDC 1.80A N/A 47
PSU50A-16 +5VDC 5.00A +24VDC 1.00A N/A 49 PSU50C-16 +5VDC 5.00A +24VDC 1.00A N/A 49
PSU50A-36 +12VDC 2.20A +24VDC 1.00A N/A 50.4 PSU50C-36 +12VDC 2.20A +24VDC 1.00A N/A 50.4
PSU50X-13D +5VDC 4.00A +12VDC 2.00A -12VDC 0.5A 50 PSU50C-13D +5VDC 4.00A +12VDC 2.00A -12VDC 0.5A 50
PSU50A-14E +5VDC 4.00A

+15VDC 1.50A

-15VDC 0.50A 50W PSU50C-14E +5VDC 4.00A

+15VDC 1.50A

-15VDC 0.50A 50W
PSU50A-12C +5VDC 5.00A +10VDC 1.00A -10VDC 0.50A 40W PSU50C-12C +5VDC 5.00A +10VDC 1.00A -10VDC 0.50A 40W
PSU50A-13A +5VDC 4.00A +12VDC 2.00A -5VDC 0.50A 46.5W PSU50C-13A +5VDC 4.00A +12VDC 2.00A -5VDC 0.50A 46.5W
PSU50A-14A +5VDC 5.00A +15VDC 1.20A -5VDC 0.50A 45.5W PSU50C-14A +5VDC 5.00A +15VDC 1.20A -5VDC 0.50A 45.5W
PSU50A-13D-1 +5VDC 5.00A +12VDC 1.00A -12VDC 0.25A 40W PSU50C-13D-1 +5VDC 5.00A +12VDC 1.00A -12VDC 0.25A 40W
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