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AC DC Power Supply > Medical Power Supply > Desktop Type > 80~100W > EM1095

power supply EM1095
Features : Active PFC Function
CEC Compliance
RoHS Compliance
IEC320 C14, C8, C6, C18
Over Voltage Protective Installation
Over Current Protective Installation
Short Circuit Protective Installation
LED Indication
MTBF: >30,000 hours
Model No. : EM1095
Input Range 100~240 VAC,50 to 60Hz
Input Current ≤2.5A
Inrush Current ≤100A At cold start
Efficiency Meet CEC Level V, VI
Hold-up Time ≥8.3mS
Turn On Time ≤3s
Operating Temperature 0°C to 40°C
Storage Temperature -20°C to 85°C
Relative Humidity 5%~95%
Case Size

133Lx59Wx33.5H (mm) For AC inter C8, C6
137Lx59Wx34H (mm) For AC inter C14, C18

Weight 420g
Model No. Max. Output Power Output Voltage MAX. LOAD (IO) Total Regulation RIPPLE& MODEL
EM1095xA 80W 12~18V 6.66A ± 5% 250mV
EM1095xB 80W 18~24V 4.44A ± 5% 350mV
EM1095xC 80W 32~42V 2.50A ± 5% 500mV
EM1095xD 80W 44~56V 1.82A ± 5% 720mV
EM1095xE 90W 12~18V 7.50A ± 5% 250mV
EM1095xF 90W 18~24V 4.74A ± 5% 350mV
EM1095xG 90W 32~42V 2.81A ± 5% 500mV
EM1095xH 90W 44~56V 2.05A ± 5% 720mV
EM1095xJ 100W 32~42V 3.12A ± 5% 500mV
EM1095xK 100W 44~56V 2.27A ± 5% 720mV
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