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E-Star Power Supply Established in 2003 is a specialist in switching power supply, switch power supply adaptor, including AC/DC power supply : Laptop/ Desktop switching mode power supply adapter, Wall mount/ Plug-in switching mode power supply adapter, Enclosed switching mode power supply, Open frame switching mode power supply, Din Rail switching mode power supply, Medical switching mode power supply, DC/DC power supply converters, DC/AC power supply inverter, battery charger, LED driver power supply, Linear power supply.

E-STAR is fully capable of providing high-quality of switching mode power supply, switching power adaptor for the application of industrial application, Networking, telecommunication and medical applications. "Total Quality Assurance and Customer Satisfaction" are the central goals of our company. We believe that our product is one where reliability in long-term use, functionality and cost are all of great importance, but that it is reliability that differentiates the truly superior product.

All products are engineered to meet worldwide safety standards. Quality and process control is insured using a variety of statistical sampling and analysis techniques throughout the manufacturing cycle. In addition, all products must pass a rigorous burn-in and fully automated final test before shipment.

In addition, E-STAR also offer the design service in order to meet customers' special requirement. If you can't find a suitable model from our catalog, our talented R&D team can design a custom-made power supply to meet your requirements. With over 20 years of R&D design experience in the power supply industry, we offer a total solution and would like the opportunity to become your long-term power partner.


Hot Products

Power Supply_Travel_DSA-5CAA-05 TES300A

Vin: 85~240VAC
Vout: 12/24/48VDC
Max. 300W

Power Supply_Travel_DSA-5CAA-05 EP1121

Vin: 100-240 Vac
Vout: 12V/15V/19V/24V/52V
Max. 120W
IEC/EN/UL 62368 

Power Supply_Travel_DSA-5CAA-05 DSA-5PFU1-05

Vin: 100~240VAC
Vout: 5VDC
Max. 5W

Power Supply_Travel_PA1045-HIB P/No.: PA1045-HIB
Vin: 90~264VAC
Vout: 10~48VDC
Max. 40W
Power Supply_Travel_PA1050-IB P/No.: PA1050-IB
Vin: 90~264VAC
Vout: 10~48VDC
Max. 50W
Power Supply_Travel_PA1060-IB P/No.: PA1060-IB
Vin: 90~264VAC
Vout: 12~48VDC
Max. 65W
Power Supply_Travel_PA1065-IB P/No.: PA1065-IB
Vin: 90~264VAC
Vout: 12~48VDC
Max. 65W
Power Supply_Travel_PA1090-IB P/No.: PA1090-IB
Vin: 90~264VAC
Vout: 10~48VDC
Max. 90W
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